Learn to Lift

If is been awhile or you are coming to us with zero experience. We start off beginners with (2) one hour Foundational classes.


Our FOUNDATIONS CLASS is designed to jumpstart the athlete in you

We begin with an entry level, small format Lifting Foundational class to get you familiar with the basics. During Foundations we evaluate your weaknesses and strengths to determine the best approach in order to tailor the Austin Barbell program around you.


At the Austin Barbell Club we are Specialists in strength and the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. All of our coaches are USAW Certified and have real world competitive experience.

This is what defines our athletes and separates us from the rest.

We focus on the individual no matter the age or background.

GetTING Started

During Foundations we will test your strength with 3 basic movements, Pull, Press and Squat.

If you decide to continue training with Austin Barbell or anywhere else for that matter, you will continue to see improvements beyond body composition, including speed, coordination, bone density and generally conditioning. Ultimately you will become a better human. The benefits are endless at any age.


Q. If I touch a barbell or start strength training will it make a woman bulky?

A. Absolutely not, strength training is not, bodybuilding.

Q. Looks like it could be dangerous?

A. Statistically Olympic Weightlifting has one of lowest injury rates compared to other gym activities when preformed correctly. Every session is coached by an experienced expert, meaning we will never allow you to push beyond your physical capabilities. Safety is our priority.

Q. Looks heavy?

A. We start beginners will a specialized aluminum training barbell and plastic technique plates. The barbell and plates weighs less than a gallon on milk. After you have been cleared by a coach, you will be allowed to train on either a standard Male or Female barbell.