Sample Programming

What is the training like at Austin Barbell? Below is a week in the life of an Austin Barbell athlete, Sunday through Friday during a loading phase.

Why does our team train in 2 hour blocks?

Most functional fitness programs will box Olympic Weightlifting training into a 1 hour time-slots in order to maximize athlete headcount, this is not the correct approach for Olympic Weightlifting.  Working faster, or with less volume in condensed time blocks will result in unnecessary exhaustion, poor technique, longer recovery times and potentially long term injury. Adapting AMRAPs, EMOMS and various MetCon based CrossFit style workouts that are inclusive of Olympic Weightlifting movements will not yield the same end-result.  In most cases this is counterproductive resulting in poor technique that will limit the athlete from progressing in he sport.

If your Olympic Weightlifting coach is teaching burprees and double-unders they are not an Olympic Weightlifting coach.

"If you want to be an Olympic Weightlifter you must train like a Olympic Weightlifter".

It is out belief that not all weightlifters should train the same therefore training is adjusted based on their unique, individual situation. The simplest example of this would be using the same program for male and female athletes.  The results will not be ubiquitous, so why leverage the same training plan?  This is why we are different.  

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